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Stop measuring the old way, and start measuring the new way. With ToolSmart™ you can complete your projects with more precision, on time, and within budget. Finally, a tool that is personalized to how you work.

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Laser Distance Measurer

The ToolSmart™ Laser Distance Measurer does all the things a laser measurer should, measuring distances up to 100 feet with the push of a button.

The laser distance measurer and free app can be used together or separately but the real benefit comes when it is used with the "My Projects" section of the app to calculate the precise amount of materials you need to complete your job.

Angle Finder

The ToolSmart™ Digital Angle Finder quickly determines the angle of any corner. This tool is especially useful for crown moulding and flooring applications to make sure you get perfect cuts every time.

Digital Multimeter

The ToolSmart™ Digital Multimeter reads voltage, current, resistance, temperature, and more with turn of the dial.

It also allows a smartphone to serve as a second viewing screen in case conditions are dark, or there's more than one person on the job. All data goes directly from the meter to the FREE ToolSmart™ smartphone app.

Video Inspection Camera

The ToolSmart™ Video Inspection Camera puts hard-to-reach places in plain view with the help of an 8mm camera mated to a flexible 3.3-foot probe.

If conditions are less than ideal, you can use your smartphone as a second view screen. For jobs requiring documentation, images and videos can be saved to the ToolSmart™ app with the push of a button.

Everything needed to write a report, share details with clients, or come up with an estimate is organized and ready to go.

Moisture Meter

The ToolSmart™ Digital Moisture Meter is your first step in mold prevention. Water and moisture build up in a home can lead to hazardous and unsafe living conditions.

By checking suspicious water stains around the house, you can determine whether the area is wet (a perfect breeding ground for mold) or has long since dried. With the free ToolSmart™ app, readings can be tracked over time and placed onto pictures for quick and easy reference points.

Infrared Thermometer

The ToolSmart™ Infrared Thermometer makes identifying hot or cold spots in your home easy. These areas are signs that energy is being wasted especially around older windows and doors.

With the free ToolSmart™ app you can apply temperature readings to images for quick reference, perfect for indicating where weather-stripping and insulation is most needed. Stop wasting energy, save money, and ensure that your family stays comfortable in your home.

Flashlight Inspection Camera

The ToolSmart™ WiFi Flashlight Inspection Camera is the perfect inspection tool. By combining a high powered flashlight with a high definition camera, you are able to illuminate dark spaces and record your findings. With the free ToolSmart™ app, images and videos can be saved directly to your smartphone.

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Successful projects begin by looking at what has been done well in the past, but searching for the right type of inspiration can be frustrating. That's why ToolSmart curates images specific to your home and your project, allowing you to save and share your favorites - right in the ToolSmart app.

Relevant Inspiration

ToolSmart combines the project details you input and then serves up other, highly relevant and inspirational photos based on your specific home type, budget and project.

Project Board

Search relevant pictures and post the most inspirational ones to your project board. Save that board and return at any point while you're planning your project.

Share & Collaborate

Share your board with family, friends...or even a contractor. Simply invite others to join the ToolSmart Community and they'll be able to collaborate with you on your inspiration board.


The key to completing any project on time and within budget is good planning, and ToolSmart will guide you through the process. Before you even pick up a tool, you'll know exactly what you'll need, how much you can expect to spend and how long your project will take to complete.

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Project Engine

ToolSmart's proprietary Project Engine captures critical information and seamlessly manages the planning and execution phases from there.

Personalized Budget Calculator

ToolSmart takes your project type and third-party data based on location to provide the ideal budget target for your project.

Material List

Get a custom list of tools and sundries required for your project and designed to fit within your budget. Adjust your budget level and see the impact on the required materials and tools.

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To get your project done smarter, the ToolSmart app becomes your virtual Project Assistant, keeping you on schedule and within budget at no extra cost.

Project Assistant App

The ToolSmart app is your virtual Project Assistant that puts together a task list and then reminds you what you need to do and when you need to do it! ToolSmart is always by your side, from start to finish.

On Your Schedule

Whether building is a full-time job or a weekend-only hobby, ToolSmart helps you work smarter by creating a schedule based on your availability and then serving up notifications to help keep you stay on track.

pro tips

As you progress through your project, ToolSmart, your Virtual Project Assistant is by your side, highlighting common pitfalls and offering solutions. Plus, ToolSmart serves up resources to provide you with additional advice and recommendations.

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Common Risks & Solutions

We know the most challenging aspects of a project before you even begin. Let ToolSmart tell you what you might encounter and give you smart tips on how to overcome these challenges.

Risks Tied to Task List

ToolSmart's proprietary Project Engine identifies risks and then associates them to specific items in your task list so that you know when to prepare for the most challenging aspects of your project.

External Links & Resources

ToolSmart provides expert advice, links and resources to help guide you through your project from start to finish.

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Still looking for help? Turn to the ToolSmart community for advice, recommendations and even assistance. With the ToolSmart network, a professional answer to your question is never more than a swipe away.

Ask The Experts

Pose your question to the experts in the ToolSmart community. Get a professional answer to your specific question.

Power of the Network

Tap even deeper into the knowledge of licensed pros. The ToolSmart network can provide the videos and tutorials you need to solve any problem.